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Student Evals:

SET Reports and Faculty Observations









SET Reports


Below you will find what is commonly examined at my University as the primary questions

on the SET report:


  • Q1: How would you rate this course?

  • Q2: How much have you learned in this course?

  • Q24: How would you rate the instructor's teaching of this course?


For the required classes I have taught (all ENG 1020), I average an overall score of 12.5 (12 is considered “exceptional”).  In my intermediate composition courses, specifically geared towards literature, I average a score of 13.4.


Also noteworthy:

  • When asked if I am "enthusiastic" as an instructor, I average a 4.8 out of 5.

  • Students consistently rank my course workload as heavy-moderate (+.4), but feel that the readings and instruction help them understand the course content (4.4) and my feedback is thoughtful and valuable (4.6).

  • Online courses often defy student expectations of workload, level of engagement, and overall structure, which can sometimes lead to overall lower SET scores. In my online course, "quality of instruction" was rated as a 4.8 out of 5, with an overall score of 12.8.

  • I interpret through these responses that I am a clear, transparent communicator who lays out a clear path for my students, through rigorous instruction, to reach the high expectations for student composition of the Department of English and myself. 



* Online Course



Faculty Observation Comments:


I was awarded the highest rating of "EXCELLENT" by my faculty observer.


"Mr. Haddad is an excellent instructor. He is knowledgeable and is able to connect with a diverse student population"


"The students responded very well to Mr. Haddad's questions. He successfully engaged all of them in the class discussion. The students seemed attentive and eager to participate in his class"


"Mr. Haddad was well prepared and in total command of the subject matter"


"There were two students sitting right in front of me who, at the beginning of class, gave me the impression that English 1020 was not their priority—that there were far more interesting occurrences going on in their social lives. And yet, despite their low interest in opening a book, these two students were as engaged and enthusiastic about the content being discussed in class as anyone else. It was impressive to me that Vinny, it seems, had found a way to make the class meaningful to these students who, in other classes, might either be disengaged from the classroom community."


"Vinny’s assignments are structured in such a way that the complex tasks are made more manageable. He offers well-developed and sufficiently-personalized responses to students’ work. Indeed, his assignments are ones that really challenge students’ critical reading skills, and express high expectations for students’ abilities to articulate their analyses. From the samples I have read, Vinny’s students are indeed grappling with sophisticated concepts, which should attest to the scaffolding he must be providing throughout the units."


"The combination of the material he chose and his overall rapport with students resulted in what I would call an “excellent” class discussion for a college freshman class (not even taking into account the fact that this was a Monday morning session!)." 


"As a personality, he was humorous, knowledgeable, and respectful."


Student Comments on my Teaching:


"This class was absolutely amazing. I wish that everyone had the chance to learn from this professor. You will learn more about life and the world around you than you ever though you had the capacity to. You will also make connections to things entirely unrelated and be able to relate whatever he is teacher to either your own life or another class."


"I just wanted to thank you for making books important to me again."


"Always loved teaching us...Connected with everyone"


"Organized, humorous, and to the point. Flexible schedule as well"


"I enjoyed the professor and his way of teaching helped me improve as a student"


"Class was always fun and worth coming to because of your attitude"


"Groups were fun and the class bonded because of it"


"I felt cared for in this class"


"VERY enthusiastic. This made me actually want to attend class. He kept us awake, always gave us a good laugh"


"I have grown tremendously this year with my English and I owe it all to him for being there when I needed him or didn't understand"


"When I leave the classroom for the last time, I will always remember the lessons I learned in English 1020, because I now feel like an asset to the English community at Wayne State University."


Student Comments on Course Structure, Assignments, and Learning:


"Now that the class has [ended], I can honestly say that every part of the curriculum (or Vinny’s madness as I like to call it) was introduced for a specific reason."


"Very well organized. Clear, easy to follow and understand."


"Well-organized...Everything covered was beneficial, challenging but interesting"


"Grading methods were made very clear before the start of each project"


"While writing has always been a 'blood, sweat, and tears' process for me, my experience this semester has been nothing short of a challenge. Although I did receive high marks on my work, the pre-planning and mental energy I put forward into my assignments was most definitely exhausting. Nonetheless, I learned a great deal about my personal style of writing, as well as the process that goes into effectively creating and conveying an argument."


"The workload was the heaviest of all my class, but I enjoyed the reading material that we were assigned to read"


"Like most students, I assumed that because the class was merely a Gen Ed requirement it wouldn’t be hard, much less require an extensive amount of effort on my part...Initially, I expected to have to read a couple books, bullshit a couple essays about said books, and then be done with the entire experience. I could not have been more mistaken. Throughout the semester, I was highly surprised by the work load."

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