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Between my prior teaching experience at a public, urban research university in

Detroit and my current teaching experience at Central State University, a HBCU and

1890 Land Grant Institution, I have developed a teaching philosophy that values my 

students’ prior knowledge as well as the history and resources of the communities in

which I teach, demonstrates to my students the value of discovering and researching new,

unfamiliar content areas, and promotes my students’ valuable research and work to outside

audiences, often by teaching students how to compose their projects in digital formats like

websites and YouTube videos. I have brought this basic philosophy to my design and instruction of a

wide range of in-person and on-line composition and literature courses at Central State—including first-year writing courses, African American Literature from 1913-Present, American Literature from 1860-Present, and American Literary History.



Courses Designed and Taught

Student Evaluations and Comments

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About Literature Courses:

  • “The concept of this class [literary representations of the Black Lives Matter Movement] is wonderful and I enjoyed it, the discussions were always powerful and left me with a sense of learning something new.”

  • “This is my second course with Dr. Haddad and I have enjoyed every minute of his teaching. He makes reading fun and relatable.”

  • I appreciate Professor Haddad. I have had him multiple times and would be willing to take any course he teaches. Great person and a great teacher! My favorite professor I have had at Central by far!

  • I loved the way you put this course together, it was amazing! And like always, I enjoyed having you as my professor! I'm sad this will be our last semester together, but I feel you've prepared me well for what's to come. Thank you so much for everything!

  • I greatly appreciate taking this course with Dr. Haddad. It allowed me to gain deeper insights into Detroit-related culture of which I as an outsider had previously little knowledge of except for some wide known facts and biased stereotypes. I admire the instructor's creative approach in material delivery and his desire to make this course as interactive as possible. Thank you so much!

About General Education/ Composition Courses:

  • “Professor Haddad is a passionate and compassionate teacher. If anyone was made for teaching, based off my experience in this course, I would say it was him. These qualities were reflected in the thoughtfulness and purpose the course was taught with. It was clear and evident from the beginning of this course that Professor Haddad aspired for this class not to just be a course we needed, but rather an educational journey that would result in us students leaving with a strong foundational base in both research and essay. From beginning to the end every step had it's purpose. From the projects to video lessons it was refreshing to be in a class where the teacher had a clear and specific reason as to why we were doing what we were doing. I would recommend that any student take this class with Professor Haddad because with 100% certainty I can say that the rest of my academic journey will be easier because of the effort and mastery of Professor Haddad.”

  • “Professor Haddad was always available and promptly answered any questions that I had. This course was a really good course and I'd definitely recommend it to anyone else who is thinking of taking it.”

  • “I had my ups and down and I let them take over but I definitely look forward to you being my teacher once again but you teach very well and you always communicate with your students. It’s good to have a teacher but one who cares and takes time with his or her students is one that you will find in a life time.”

  • “Dr. V is an professor that really cares for his students and their progress in college. Not only does he care for his students progress in his own class, but their other classes also. Mr. Vinny is not a normal college professor and by that I mean he’s quirky, a professor who brings his love for comics and superheroes into the classroom, a professor that engages with his class, and a professor that can bring laughs into the classroom by being himself. He also finds engaging ways to teach the class and to get the class involved.”

  • “Thank you for making me more organized. It actually helps to write out all of the things you have to do then crossing them off, I appreciate you! And you also believed in me all semester when I didn’t have faith in myself.”


About On-Line Courses:

  • Dr. Haddad was an excellent professor! He communicated effectively, was well-organized, and provided excellent feedback. The coursework was challenging and I appreciated having multiple options for the reading/response assignments. I would seek him out for future classes.

  • I appreciate Dr. Haddad's flexibility and laid-back approach to teaching the course. His feedback was very helpful. I hope to have more classes with him in the future. I'm just returning to college after many years and he made this re-entry very smooth.

  • Professor Haddad, responded quickly & in a timely fashion to completed work. He was available, transparent, personable, and his personality shined through his comments. I like that. His advice gave me insight that I can take into my future writing endeavors.

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